You asked for it.

I have been blogging off an on for around 8 years starting with Random Stream of Consciousness and now The Flannel Dispatch. However, its never been something that has been taken too seriously. I publish infrequently and fail to capture a majority of the things that I do. It has come to my attention that people like to hear what I am up to. People just like you. Perhaps it is that you are bored with your everyday lives and want to get a glimpse into the world of people that work hard and play hard. Maybe you really want to see how we balance our lives. Or maybe, just maybe you truly care about Chelsea and I and what we are up to.

While on a recent trip to Duluth I resolved to more closely chronicle my life and adventures.

Our world is wild. This is the view from a random Thursday. (Gooseberry Falls, MN)

We tend to live a life unlike many people and Id like to inspire others to live more like us. We have decided to eschew the “normal” young professional progression for a more #dirtbagyuppie lifestyle: we focus on experiences and toys that enrich our lives in ways that help us enjoy the outdoors. So, instead of saving our extra money and time off on one single vacation each year we would rather go on many micro adventures throughout the year. I personally find that taking quick breaks more frequently helps me to stay focused in my professional life and that allows me to do the things that I want in my free time.


This is going to be another big year for us: we are building up a van for taking more micro adventures; coaching a youth mountain bike team; continuing to evolve the Basecamp Homestead; protecting the wild places of the UP; training our pup; racing a little; learning new things; and blogging a whole heck of a lot more.  We are going to make a serious effort to document document document.

Superior SUP Session

Superior SUP Session.

Expect more frequent posts covering everything from gear and beer reviews to race reports, fishing stories, and other Great Lakes tales.


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