What does one do with snow in April?

Winter ended rather abruptly in March this year. I for one was quite disappointed with Winter’s performance this year. Nevertheless, I took my bike out with shorts several time and was settling into the idea of not having to bundle up to get the mail.

That all changed about a week ago. We have been getting pounded in elevations surrounding the greater Marquette area. The Weather Service announced that Negaunee got over 30″ over the past 7 days. We may have gotten a little more down this way, but I’m not sure.

Just when we all thought that Mother nature done with her unseasonal fury this happened:



When you are given a day as beautiful as this you scrap all other plans and you just enjoy it. It’s the kind of day were you grab a well-worn tartan button up and enjoy a good hunker. I like to get good and cold before fully embracing such a hunker.

We did just that; strapping on the snowshoes and tromping around as playfully as two little kids.

Now, in the late afternoon the oven is heating and the dough is resting. The tall pines with their boughs sag under the weight of the heavy snow; every once in a while one gives up on its task and drops a load snow down to earth. It’s magic.