The Thaw is Coming

Unfortunately it seems that Winter is slipping away here in the UP. I for one am quite disappointed by this year’s Winter conditions; it started far too late, never really hit all that hard and is leaving all too quickly. The mountain bike trails were all dry dirt until the middle of December and the constant freeze-thaw temperatures never really allowed for a good xc ski or fatbike base to form. Regardless, we made the most of what we had skiing when possible and linking up ridable sections of fatbike trail.

Now the thaw is coming which means that for the most part the trails should be avoided so as to not totally wreck them before the Summer months. The rivers are all cresting below flood stages and the lakes are still largely covered with ice. Not to worry though, the dirt side roads are totally ridable and rad as ever!


I am still trying to find a decent route of all dirt around the new house so I did some dirt ‘sploring yesterday. Most of the dirt roads around the house are seasonal roads that are impassable just past the last house. That being said, I was able to get a feel for the terrain. After looking at some maps I think that I will be able to string more miles together once the large snow piles are gone. Next year I will make it a point to start riding those sections early in the winter in hopes of being able to ride them during the rest of the season.


My pale legs definitely appreciated the sunshine and it felt great to ride without gloves. While my trip was not anything like what I used to enjoy in Ann Arbor I think that my rides will only get better. The ability to set out and grind on the long-abandoned logging roads is pretty cool.

It’s always sad to see Winter leave us but all that means is that it’s time to change up the toys. Get out there and make the most with what you’ve got available.


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