Weekly Recap 10/04/2020

I’m starting a weekly check-in post. It’s something that I was supposed to do surrounding training for bike events but this year sort of went sideways in that direction. These posts may be short or they may ramble and ramble forever. The plan is to just get a few thoughts down about the week. I’ll talk about trails, training, articles, videos, purchases, experiences, and what’s going on in my life.

This week I’ll focus on an addition to me daily routine: yoga. I’ve got scoliosis and I also have a desire to be very active and stave off back issues so that I can keep being active. In the past I have suffered through training and events with substantial back pain. It sucks. Chelsea has been trying to get me to do yoga to stay limber and loose. I have never really liked the slowness of yoga and my perception of how long I would have to do it before seeing a benefit. I should have listened to Chelsea a long time ago. Honestly yoga takes time to do, and for a busybody like me it’s difficult to stay focused on slow things. However, I think that the time I spend doing yoga is paying back in spades. My rides are more enjoyable and the recovery time seems to be much much less. Also, my desk time at work has been much more tolerable.

This addition is hitting so many of my receptors: learning, fitness, back health, and mental health. It’s really fulfilling. I think that everyone should try some sort of stretching routine or yoga practice. Keeping yourself limber is an essential part of healthy aging. I never thought that I had time for yoga and stretching. Oddly enough, all I had to do was put my phone down and turn the tv off to find that time.

I don’t plan on stopping the practice anytime soon. The last thing I want is to slowly atrophy as I see so many around me doing. Side note: if I hear one more person in my age group say, “that’s just what happens at our age,” I’ll loose my dang mind. We can all do better and we should always be striving to be the best version of ourselves. That’s my goal at least.